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Marketing Metrics that Matter: How to Present Analytics that Speak the C-Suite’s Language

Speakers: Gary Druckenmiller Vice President, Marketing Practice Leader


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Beyond the EHR: Cultivating Patient Engagement & Loyalty through CRM

Achieving true patient engagement is still within reach. When EHRs are integrated with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system hospitals and health systems can deepen patient relationships across the care continuum and boost patient loyalty.


Top Marketing Initiatives for 2017: Better, Faster, Smarter

What's on your 2017 marketing road map? There are several top initiatives that must be on it. Listen to this presentation as it dives into new marketing strategies, shares advice for resources planning, elaborates on tips for launching effective pilot programs, and discusses important marketing metrics you need to be tracking.


From Implementation to Adoption: How to Fast Track Value from PRM Tools with Market Intelligence

Physician relationship management (PRM) solutions with market intelligence enable business development teams to be highly efficient and effective, and provide critical insights that inform strategies to drive referrals and increase in-network volumes. Listen to this presentation to hear how to configure a PRM solution to speed up implementation and generate more value.


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Bridge the Gap Between Marketing + Call Center to Achieve Richer Patient Engagement

It’s more important than ever for health systems to integrate all touchpoints – web, email, phone, chat – to create a comprehensive view of patients and consumers. View this webinar to hear how bringing together the call center and marketing can attract, retain, and improve the relationships with patients.


Marketing Metrics that Matter: How to Present Analytics that Speak the C-Suite’s Language

The role of the marketing department in health systems is changing and executives expect for marketing to prove the value and return of their spend from brand awareness to an impact on the bottom line. Listen to this webinar to hear how to transform marketing into a revenue-generating department and report the ROI of programs to gain internal buy-in and validate budget requests.


Moving Beyond Witchcraft and Wizardry to Engage and Align Physicians

The ultimate goal of a physician liaison program is to increase in-network physician activity and patient referrals as well as promote key hospital services by building meaningful relationships with and improving services to physicians. In this webinar, we discuss how to prioritize and track physician activity and share tips to help improve the referral rates with network physicians.

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Watch the 3 minute summary


Mapping the Perfect Patient
Marketing Pathway

Before a clinical pathway can be realized, a prospective patient must travel through the "marketing pathway" and there are many touch points that could occur before the patient says, "OK, I'm interested." … But, where does this process start? Do does it end? And… oh, by the way…what is a "marketing pathway?"


Exposing Social Media & Networking in your Physician Market

Strike the common fear factors of communicating with your practice groups in manners they already consider natural. Let's find the most safe and accountable methods to expose social media in a space that is downright hungry and ripe for it.


Your 2015 Scientifically Driven Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

It's time to make 2015 the year you go after multi-channel healthcare marketing with unbounded reckless abandon. Watch this webinar to learn how.


"Content Rationalization" The Mother of All Content Strategies

Take a low-level and tactical joy-ride into the realm of "content rationalization". If you've never taken part in content strategy, architecture and taxonomies… this webinar is a must.


Healthcare Marketing True Story:
Real World Insights on Building a NextGen Marketing Function at Orlando Health

Transforming your marketing efforts from traditional-based to digital may seem daunting, but planned and organized correctly, can be executed in a timely manner.


Grappling with Healthcare MarTech:
A Thorough (and scary) Review of the Marketing Technology Landscape

In this webinar, we will break down the top 5 major marketing technologies every health system needs to acquire today as well as the top 5 sub-technologies needed to support them.

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A Guide to Programmatic Ad Buying: Reaching the right person, at the right time, and at the right place.

Programmatic Ad Buying has been the norm in the world of SEM since its inception in the late 90s. However, with the focus of programmatic and Real-Time Bidding (RTB) in the display world, this relatively new approach to media execution levels the playing field to those advertisers keen on data driven tactics and performance metrics.


Worlds are Colliding: Provider and Patient Communications Converge to Create One Universal Health Campaign

Marketers reach out to patients to acquire and retain. Physician Liaisons and Health Sales reach out to providers to educate and engage. What would happen if both of these worlds came together? If we could combine both levels of outreach into one patient pathway?


HIPAA & Social Media: Strategies for Maintaining Compliance as part of Successful Marketing

Hospitals and doctor's offices are just catching up with corporations when it comes to connecting and marketing via social media. This webinar explores ways to strategically leverage social media in your marketing mix while staying HIPAA compliant.


Understanding Predictive Models in Healthcare: Using data, science and actionable models to drive campaign outcomes

Predictive modeling helps strategically target patients who need preventative care. This webinar explores the basics of predictive modeling, two types of models, steps to take after models, and campaign strategies and testing.


How We Use Big Data Analytics to Create Customer and Patient Intimacy

To create patient intimacy affordably at scale, we need to adopt analytic technologies that help us anticipate our patients' needs, understand and honor their preferences, and connect with them in ways they will respond to best. By using big data analytics, we can automate learning about what matters most to current and prospective patients, then tailor engagement and nurture intimacy.


How Real-time Data Makes Physicians Love Marketing

You don't just launch a digital campaign and expect instantaneous attributable new patient encounters. It's an ongoing, iterative process that requires real-time adjustments to improve campaign effectiveness. Hear Jeff House, AVP of Marketing at Wake Forest Baptist Health, share his tips for proving the ROI of digital, optimizing conversions, and gaining internal support.


Precision Healthcare Marketing: How to Improve Patient Engagement, Revenue, and Profitability

Transform and evolve traditional marketing and learn how to improve patient engagement, revenue, and profitability. Penn Medicine's Chief Marketing Officer shares strategies on how Penn used a powerful enterprise platform to execute over 100 successful CRM campaigns with a 56% conversion rate improvement year-over-year.


Turning Big Data into Practical Data: Marketing's guide to improving strategy with data-driven planning

Predictive modeling helps strategically target patients who need preventative care. This webinar explores the basics of predictive modeling, two types of models, steps to take after models, and campaign strategies and testing.


Empowering a Strong Brand: Scripps Health Integrates CRM into Its Marketing Mix

View this webinar to learn how Scripps Health, one of the most recognized health brands on the west coast, has gained results by focusing more of its attention on campaign ubiquity, data segmentation, personalized content, and defining the perfect patient pathway.


Going Unbranded: Wake Forest Baptist Health Takes On Digital's Most Underutilized Secret Weapon

Have you ever considered going unbranded in a marketing campaign but weren't sure of the advantages? View this webinar to learn how this technique removed marketing bias and allowed Wake Forest Baptist Health to drive awareness without having to "sell" or convince the patient of their accolades.


Why Physician Relationship Management (PRM) Tools without Market Intelligence Underserves Your Physician Outreach Efforts!

Today, many physician relationship management (PRM) tools are focused on tracking and logging activities performed by an outreach team. While useful for activity-based accountability, these tools are limited in their utility for accelerating growth or optimizing physician networks. View this webinar to learn how to invest in the right PRM tools to collaborate and engage with physicians.


The Most Important Marketing Metric No One Is Talking About: Cost Per Acquisition…and How to Cut it in Half!

In this webinar, we discuss 5 simple changes to make today that can drive more leads, more appointments, and more encounters without increasing your budget. Learn how our client, Penn Medicine, implemented these strategies to launch a five-phase campaign and reduce their CPA by 67%.


Who "owns" the patient relationship?

Once a patient arrives to the healthcare setting, many healthcare marketers hit a "clinical wall" that blocks them from further communications and engagement with that customer. Why is this? And, is this a good philosophy or are there alternatives? Watch this webinar to learn how to deliver intelligent messages that enhance experience and satisfaction and work within the confines of the wall.


Creating Extended 360° Patient and Physician Views with Big Data Analytics

The Extended 360° View requires the ability to aggregate, synthesize, visualize, and stream all patient and physician data for machine analytics. View this webinar to learn how to implement this approach and leverage current-state healthcare analytics to power decision making, drive revenue, reduce physician leakage, and enable proactive care engagement.


10 Things to Know when Starting your CRM Journey

Lehigh Valley Health Network's marketing department has been through a major transformation. No longer is marketing seen as a cost center, but as a revenue center with measurable ROI and trackable campaign performance. Hear Dan Lavelle of Lehigh discuss how they embarked on this journey.


Everything you need to know to transform your marketing organization

In order for a better patient experience, increased ROI and personalized care to take place, it's critical that healthcare organizations recognize the need to transform in order to cater to today's digital landscape. View this webinar for best practices for embarking on the journey to track marketing performance and calculate ROI, while partnering with other departments to can enhance the patient experience.


Data is Meaningless, Analytics are Everything - How to Optimize Targeted Marketing with Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics can pinpoint optimal prospective consumers that are most likely to respond to your marketing campaigns. Listen to this webinar to hear Dr. Bill Disch share case studies of how many of our clients have leveraged predictive modeling to reduce their campaign costs, increase response rate, and prove ROI.


Attract and Acquire More Patients: How to Improve Campaign Effectiveness

Running effective digital campaigns that produce strong results and don't exhaust an entire budget can be challenging. Dozens of our clients have implemented strategies discussed in this webinar to drive revenue. Listen to this presentation to hear five simple changes to make that can have a huge impact on marketing's strategic impact and help your organization attract new patients and schedule more appointments.


Get More Patients – Orthopedic Campaign Best Practices for Beating the Benchmark

Attracting new patients from paid search and social media is both an art and a science. Listen to this webinar to hear best practices for launching multi-channel digital service line campaigns and follow-up plans and approaches after bringing in the new leads. You will hear strategies on how to better target Facebook ads, craft the optimal creative and call-to-action, and ultimately improve digital conversions.


Getting to Physician Alignment: Using Data and Analytics to Pave the Way Forward

More often, patients are switching providers due to poor experiences. The result to health systems - significant revenue loss. Listen to this webinar to hear how to develop and improve physician alignment, considerations for implementing effective data analytics, and the importance of technology-enabled data-driven outreach for enfranchising physicians.


Debunking Digital Marketing Myths: How to Acquire More Patients with Digital Tactics

Healthcare marketers consider a strong digital and interactive strategy to be essential; however, many hospitals are slow to make the transition from traditional to digital. Listen to this webinar to hear strategies you can implement to attract and acquire more patients through digital campaigns and how to best optimize a live campaign and show revenue.


CRM is the New RCM: How to Accelerate Growth and Drive More Revenue

RCM technologies can help increase payments from patients, but you need to have patients before you can collect from them. Listen to this webinar to hear how a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform can help healthcare organizations acquire new and retain current patients, as well as reduce out-of-network utilization, to deliver a reportable ROI.


Marketing's Secret Weapon for Improved Patient Engagement

With the right tools, hospitals and health systems can better acquire, retain and engage patients, beyond the point of care, to provide a unique and personalized healthcare experience. Listen to this webinar to hear how Marketing Automation (MA) technology can drive increased conversions and optimize campaign execution through efficiencies and real-time feedback.